SmartSec Europe 2016

DNV GL is a proud silver sponsor of SmartSec Europe 2016, the European forum for advanced cyber-security strategies to achieve smart grid resilience


Maurice Snoeren Maurice Snoeren
Head of Section

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DNV GL's Maurice Snoeren will contribute to the conference program with the presentation 'Risk Management - defining a comprehensive risk assessment strategy to effectively manage internal vulnerabilities and adjust to external threats' with topics as:

  • Integrating corporate objectives into the risk assessment process to ensure effective prioritising of actions and investments
  • Ensuring cooperation of IT and OT and the integration of their risk management strategies.
  • Examining how external market trends and changing hacker profiles are pressurising the risk management process
  • Determining how internal infrastructure developments and interconnectivity are rendering the risk environment more complex
  • Overcoming the challenges of investing in new technologies with ambiguous embedded security
  • Working around the inherent limitations of equipment which prevent straightforward and accurate vulnerability assessments
  • Prioritising which equipment should be secured based on the likelihood and scale of external threats and internal organisational objectives
  • Identifying techniques for validating the risk assessment such as attack simulations and external data sources
  • Reaching the optimal risk mitigation strategy without compromising functionality and operational efficiency

Live Demo Lab 
In this interactive meeting, we will select with you one or more of the topics below and dive a little deeper into your organization’s questions. At the end of the session you leave with ingredients, ideas and inspiration for a strategy to solve your company’s cyber security challenges.
Identifying cyber-attacks. Are you fully aware of cyber-attacks executed on your system? How well equipped are you to detect cyber-attacks in your system? In this case study, we present you examples, show some specific steps you can take to improve detection and present a pathway to face the cyber security challenge. Of course, we challenge you to bring in your own practical issues.
Testing. Have you ever tested state of your company’s cyber security? Can you be sure there isn’t attacker already inside your critical network? Are you aware of the current level of security of your systems and the components in it? Testing is the only reliable method to ensure your configurations are done correctly and there are no access vectors to your systems. With our SCADA network vulnerability scanning and penetration testing service, we ensure that our automation devices operate safely in your critical environments.
Technical and administrative security. Do you know what kind of attack vectors there are into your systems? Have you done a thorough 360-degree overview of your company’s cyber security practices in administrative and technical level? Moreover, how do you ensure components are correctly installed and configured to guarantee security? What is the level of security you demand of your system? With examples, we show you how to embed cyber security in your daily operations process.

DNV GL & Cyber Security  
At DNV GL we combine traditional IT security expertise with a deep understanding of the elecricity utility environment to help you minimise these risks. Our in-depth advice and support helps you deploy an effective defence-in-depth strategy based on efficient methodologies that go beyond standard firewalls and passwords. We can also help you develop and implement proper testing to ensure your cyber security measures are adequate and up to date. We at DNV GL are looking forward to the chance to meet you at SmartSec Europe 2016. We have a small stand where are experts are available to you and are more than happy to answer any of your questions. So, please put the date in your agenda: 29-30 November. In the meantime, follow us on LinkedIn for the latest energy news.