Webinar: How effective is your pipeline risk and integrity management solution in helping meet increasing industry pressures?

Making smarter decisions through transparent, auditable and traceable risk and integrity management


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Synergi Pipeline software for efficient pipeline operation

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Improve pipeline operators gains and increase value

In a climate of heightened public awareness towards pipeline safety and ever more stringent regulation, the global pipeline industry is under pressure to effectively support the increasing demand for natural gas alongside a sustained demand for hydrocarbon liquids. DNV GL has been a long time trusted partner for pipeline operators in helping improve safety and attain optimal performance of their asset. With the latest advances in our Synergi Pipeline business decision support platform we take this to the next level, by helping to improve pipeline operators gains and increased value from their integrity and risk management programs.

By watching this webinar, you will see a demonstration of how Synergi Pipeline can be applied to some of the industry’s key challenges: 

  • Breaking down silos: Managing pipeline risk and integrity on an integrated platform using a single source of the truth for asset properties and history
  • Pipeline reliability: Assessing pipeline condition and fitness for service through the management and assessment of inline inspection data
  • Effectiveness of risk management: Improving confidence in risk levels and that optimal mitigative actions are taken


  • 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EDT (Americas)
  • 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM GMT (Europe)


Tom Gilmour Ph.D., Head of Product Management, Pipeline Ecosystem, DNV GL – Digital Solutions

Dr. Gilmour has 30 years of experience in the Oil and Gas, utility and environment sectors delivering leading edge users and embedded software solutions centered upon engineering and data analytics. Currently, he is head of product strategy and product management for DNV GL Digital Solutions' Pipeline Ecosystem business and has held senior and director level positions in this area for around 15 years.

DNV GL’s Synergi Pipeline integrity and risk management software solutions are a part of an extensive range of pipeline solutions, including Synergi Gas and Synergi Pipeline Simulator. Synergi Pipeline provides a unified platform for safe and efficient gas distribution network and pipeline operations by providing: 

  • Auditable processes, analysis and results 
  • Flexible configuration and adaption of risk models 
  • Supporting compliance related inspections 
  • Assessing High Consequence Area and Class Location 
  • Management of inline inspection data alignment, analysis and follow up actions 
  • Providing solutions that can fit seamlessly into existing GIS and enterprise management systems 

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