Oil and gas

Services overview

Explore our full range of services for the oil and gas sector

Asset risk management

Ensuring performance and reliability

Enterprise risk management

Protecting investments, creating confidence

Environmental risk management

Best practice for projects and operations

Knowledge management

Systematic sharing of learning and experience

Safety risk management

From major hazards to human factors

Technical advisory

For any scale, complexity, or location

Noble Denton marine services

Services to help customers reduce operational risk by partnering with a single global marine advisor

Laboratories and test sites

For the most challenging technical needs

Verification and certification of assets

Trusted by companies around the world

Verification of materials and components

Meeting international codes and standards


Supporting QA from procurement to operation

Cyber security

Cyber security for the oil and gas industry

Digital solutions and software

Our software solutions for oil and gas support all aspects of engineering, including risk management, design, analysis, optimization and life extension

Training courses

Be better informed and more productive

Management systems certification

Improve your performance through management systems certification

Pipeline efficiency and reliability

Software for pipeline integrity and risk, network modelling, and pipeline simulation

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