Gas network software - Synergi Gas - Parametric Study tool

Synergi Gas - Parametric study tool - Gas network software

Accelerate your gas network analyses with the power of the cloud using DNV GL's gas network software

Gas network software - Parametric Study tool

Do you find yourself pressured to provide more and more analysis with quicker turnaround times and greater demand? Information is a strategic asset, but very few companies can leverage that data to their advantage. Cloud based computing allows organizations to consolidate and analyze data from multiple sources and do it on a big scale with less of a time investment.

The Parametric Study tool is a powerful supplement to the core Synergi Gas solution, DNV GL's gas network software.  It allows you to assemble numerous gas network scenarios into a package called a 'study' giving you the ability to test hundreds or thousands of network combinations in a fraction of the time it would take to execute manually.

Using the power of Microsoft® Azure technologies, the Parametric Study tool utilizes the same proven analytical engine of the Synergi Gas desktop product, and exploits the computing power of the cloud to perform large numbers of analyses at a speed that is not possible on the desktop alone.

Key benefits of Parametric Study tool, software for gas networks

  • The ability to build, copy, and edit comprehensive studies of your gas network
  • The freedom to vary all available parameters in your model
  • Seamless ability to share studies with colleagues in your organization
  • Comprehensive analyses of gas networks - ability to perform analyses of every combination of chosen parameters
  • An intuitive web interface - upload a model and create your first study in minutes
  • Subscription-based solution - no software to install, no long-term commitment

The power of Synergi Gas, supercharged

With the Synergi Gas - Parametric Study tool, you can complete more thorough analyses than could ever be done manually. Maximize the power of the Synergi Gas analytic engine, the leading gas network software in the industry for nearly 50 years.

The Synergi Gas - Parametric Study tool will be an integral part of your regular gas network planning and operation process: 

  • Model your gas network with Synergi Gas software
  • Use the Parametric Study tool to automatically run hundreds or thousands of simulations concurrently
  • Bring any cases of interest back into Synergi Gas for further analysis


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