Offshore structural integrity management

When it comes to managing costs and ensuring availability of your asset, start with controlling structural integrity with DNV GL.

Structural integrity is the foundation of an MOU’s operational capacity. Being able to assess the status of a unit and to establish an overview of the structural condition across the fleet has proven to be challenging.

We support professional structural integrity management by leveraging our advanced SIM tool. It provides fleet management and condition transparency harnessed in a rigorous life-cycle approach to the structural integrity assurance process.

The tool brings together the best working practice from the offshore and ship inspection regimes. This is achieved through a reliable, flexible digital framework with worldwide access through DNV GL Exchange, delivering fleet-wide conditional transparency at any time.

Specifically, the tool gives you:

  • The asset condition at your fingertips
  • A 3D model visualising asset condition
  • Seamless integration with the class status, survey reports and conditions
  • An architecture framework positioned for the future

Full traceability and inspection history is provided, thereby enabling you to present status overviews to stakeholders such as oil companies, regulatory authorities and classification societies.

Rely on DNV GL’s expertise when it comes to managing the structural integrity of your offshore unit:

  • Take asset management further with DNV GL’s SIM tool
  • Gain an overview of the structural integrity of your units across the fleet
  • Profit from foresight in planning your renewal or upgrade projects
  • Prevent unplanned downtime
  • Ensure compliance with safety management policies


Sigmund Røine

Sigmund Røine

Senior Principal Engineer

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