Bladed training: Floating Wind Systems Modelling

This four-day course provides a comprehensive introduction to Floating Wind Energy Systems. The course is designed to be hands-on using Bladed, the industry standard wind turbine modelling tool.


Jamie Badar Jamie Badar
Sales Manager, Software Tools and Products, Renewable Energy

Training Information

  • Duration:

    4 days

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  • Course offer:

    This course is offered as open enrolment course and can also be offered as client only / in-house training (adapted to suit your needs).

Course planning

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Paris, France
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Course fee
£2,500 excl. VAT (early bird offer up to 30th June £1,750 excl. VAT)


Additional information: 
By the end of the course you will be able to: 
  • Understand the fundamental principles of floating wind systems 
  • Build a complete floating turbine+platform+mooring model in Bladed
  • Understand hydrodynamic modelling options and flow solvers
  • Model the ocean environment in Bladed (SEA files) and mooring definitions
  • Have an understanding of control concepts specific to floating turbines
  • Perform load calculations (full coupled analysis) and post-process the results

Course outline:

  • Fundamentals of Wind Turbines
  • Forces and Dynamics in Wind Turbine modelling
  • Rotor Aerodynamics
  • Building a wind turbine model in Bladed
  • Modelling the wind - creating Turbulent Wind Files
  • Steady State and Dynamic Calculations
  • Power Production simulations – turbulent wind and transient wind
  • Multi setup feature and the batch function
  • Cloud capability
  • Introduction to floating calculations in Bladed
  • Hydrodynamics options – modelling sea states
  • Building a Floating Platform
  • Setting up flow solvers for Bladed Calculations
  • Modelling Mooring lines
  • Bladed Sea State + BEM model workshop
  • Creating SEAfiles
  • Essentials of control systems and adaptation to Floating Wind
  • Bladed model tests
  • Morison model v BEM hydrodynamics model
  • Modal analysis 
  • Floating platform verification and validation workshop
  • Static equilibrium and decay tests
  • Response Amplitude Operators
  • Irregular Waves
  • Sample calculations
  • Using Generic Turbine models for platform design
  • Running multiple calculations with Bladed
  • Introduction to Load Case Descriptions and Postprocessing techniques
  • Bladed Validation – OC5 project
  • Floating Load Calculations Workflow
  • Bladed validation and future developments for floating
  • Demo of pressure distribution
  • Fatigue and Extreme post processing workshop

Who should attend? 
The course is aimed at turbine manufacturers and floating foundation designers and is delivered by engineers with frontline experience of the latest developments in the sector. 

This course can also be offered as client only / in-house and can be adapted to suit your needs. 

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