SY-62 Synergi Pipeline - Inspection Manager training

Become more proficient in the use of the Synergi Pipeline inspection manager tools


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Synergi Pipeline Inspection Manager training

Training Information

  • Durata del corso:

    4.5 days

  • Prerequisiti:


  • Course:

    SY-62 Synergi Pipeline - Inspection Manager training


Inspection Manager for users:

This training is intended for compliance supervisors and field crew supervisors managing compliance activities such as, adding new equipment and schedules, assigning work, managing timely completion of work, reviewing historical information and completing electronic forms. This training will include use of Asset Register, Scheduling and Tracking and Field Manager.

Inspection Manager for administrators:

This training is intended for persons providing application support to Inspection Manager users and administering the Inspection Manager applications. This training will include setting Inspection Manager application permissions, creating roles, adding and updating user profiles and field device settings. In addition, you will learn to use, Setup Manager to create new inspection forms, create complex business rules for validating inspection data, and Process Designer, to help automate complex business procesesses etc.. 

Topics covered include:

  • Asset Register user training
  • Scheduling and Tracking user training
  • Field Manager user training
  • Setup Manager user training
  • Overview of GIS/Map Viewer integration

Learning objectives

You will become proficient in the use of the above topics.

Target group

Users who are new to the Synergi Pipeline - Inspection Manager software or just needs a refresher.