Training course Energy Transition

Two-day training course, including use of the DNV GL Energy Transition Simulator, to improve decision-making in an evolving energy system.


Irene Heunks Irene Heunks
Manager Energy Academy
Energy transition simulator

Training Information

  • Duration:

    2 days

Course planning

Leaflet and registration form
6 & 7 November 2019
Arnhem, the Netherlands
EUR 1500
Leaflet and registration form
course leaflet and registration form

Energy systems around the world are undergoing enormous change. Wind and solar power, hydrogen plus new usage patterns and market mechanisms are potential game changers. But their benefits and impacts are hugely interlinked, making it hard to plot the right investment path. This two-day training course helps you develop in-depth understanding about how the choices you and other stakeholders make affect your business. So that you can make better strategic decisions in an evolving energy landscape. 

DNV GL will provide you with a comprehensive overview of energy transition related topics. Market roles, dynamic pricing, ETO trends and the role of hydrogen are addressed. In the afternoon, we will let you experience the complications and motivations of each stakeholder in the energy system by means of a digital role-playing simulation using the DNV GL Energy Transition Simulator.

Your benefits
After this training course, you will be able to: 

  • Understand the complexity and interactions in the energy system
  • Better understand the impact of your decisions 
  • Develop a vision for the future of the energy transition 
  • Explore ways to apply that vision to your own

For whom?
This training course is intended for managers, strategists, decision makers, investors, renewable developers and policy staff involved in the energy transition (e.g. TSO, DSO, industry, finance and public sector). Moreover the course is highly suitable for new colleagues in the energy market and other professionals who wish to benefit from DNV GL’s technical and commercial knowledge of the energy transition. 

The simulation
The Energy Transition Simulator is a state-of-the-art digital simulator. It presents an energy system in a country called Enerland. With the support of a DNV GL game master and expert facilitator, you play as one of five stakeholders in a fictitious energy system. Working as part of the region’s energy system, your goal is to increase your bank balance whilst helping Enerland reduce its carbon dioxide emissions by 80% over the period 2020 – 2050. Our energy transition experts will lead the group discussions and help players reflect on the choices they have made and explore ways to apply the learnings to their own situations. 

In-company and customised workshop
On request, DNV GL can also provide this training course or the simulation (only) at your location. Content and duration of the training course can be adapted to your specific needs.  You can play in either interactive group mode where different players or teams of players manage the different stakeholders, or in single-player mode where the other four roles are computer controlled.