Training course Load Flow Calculation and Fault Analysis

Three-day training course in the German language providing fundamental methods of load flow and fault current calculation.


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  • Duration:

    3 days

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    This course is available on request

This three-day training course teaches the theory and application of the fundamental methods of load flow and fault current calculation. Practical examples and computations by the software system ELEKTRA support the training objectives.

The planning and operation of electrical networks is based on a sound knowledge about load flow calculation methods and fault analysis techniques. The increasing amount of distributed power generation units requires particular investigations of power quality and system pertubations.


  • Perform and interpret load flow and short circuit analyses of network planning and operation issues  
  • Evaluate the impact of renewable energy infeed on particular networks according to German rules and standards
  • Adjust neutral treatment and assess aspects of power quality
  • Independently identify and utilise existing optimisation potential in network planning
This course will be given in the German language. For more information please contact us.

  • Fundamentals of computation methods and models of electrical equipment
  • Load flow calculation
  • Steady state fault analysis
  • Basic knowledge of neutral point grounding in electrical networks and protection planning
  • System pertubations caused by distributed generation units and power converters

Target Audience:

Engineers concerned with network planning, network operation and the analysis of distributed power generation and supply.