Wind farm projects & investment risk

A two day course that will provide a broad overview of wind farm projects and potential investment risks that are associated with any developments.


Mattia Boccolini Mattia Boccolini
Principal Engineer
Onshore wind due diligence

Training Information

  • Duration:

    2 days

  • Date:

    To be determined

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    To be determined

Day 1: Wind farm projects
This course is aimed at anyone wishing to acquire a broad overview of what is involved in a wind farm project. Through introduction to the key stages of the project lifecycle, including development, construction, operation, repowering and decommissioning, the course addresses the key risks arising and the steps that a project owner can take to optimize a project from the design stage onwards.

Additional information
As well as covering general topics associated with any project, the course will give a brief overview of considerations for both the onshore and offshore environment.

More detailed courses covering specific areas of technical specialism, such as turbine technology, connecting to the grid, and offshore wind energy are available on the DNV GL website; these alternative courses would be better suited to those already familiar with the general concepts of wind farms.

Course Outline:

  • What’s in a wind farm?
  • Who’s who?
  • Project development, wind risk and other design considerations
  • Construction arrangements, contracts and lessons learnt
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Decommissioning
  • Q & A session

Who should attend?
The course is recommended for anyone wanting to understand, and not yet familiar with, the full project lifecycle.

Day 2: Technical risks in wind farm investments
DNV GL has gained valuable real life experience working with project stakeholders to minimize and mitigate technical risks in wind farm projects. Focusing on cash flow and project finance lending, the course will cover typical technical issues that might arise during the investment review process, and steps that can be taken to reduce or address risks.

Additional information
The structure will naturally lead the course participants towards a check list of items to be considered and addressed in their own due diligence reviews. Throughout the day, topics will refer back to the project cash flow model and practical exercises.

The course focuses on technical experience, with some coverage of related commercial issues; the course does not however cover detailed legal or insurance issues associated with transaction structuring.

Course Outline:

  • Finance motivations
  • Project structure
  • Introduction to the cash flow model
  • Income risks
  • Income management
  • Sensitivities
  • Cost risks
  • Cost management
  • Sensitivities
  • Case studies
  • Q & A session

Who should attend?
Professionals wanting to learn more about minimizing and mitigating technical risks in wind farm projects, either as general interest or for a background to be used when approaching real life investment reviews. It is assumed that participants will already be familiar with general wind energy related topics.

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The price includes lunch, refreshments and training materials.